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Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini Urus

Per Day Rate
$1500 / Day Min of 4 hours, surcharges may apply
White Exterior
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The Urus arrives surfing on the wave of an SUV explosion.

The doors swing open – they feel lighter than a big SUV’s usually do; the frameless windows, see. The interior is more swooping and extravagant than in most 4x4s too. The centre console is high. You can have five seats but this one has four; all individual chairs wrapped in expensive-feeling materials.

There are six drive modes: Street, Sport, Track (in which the car lowers by 15mm) and three off-road modes in which the body rises by 40mm. Or you can choose your own adventure, by selecting what kind of angry you want to make your suspension and engine and steering weight.

One of the world’s fastest SUVs. The Lamborghini Urus is what happens when the maker of the planet’s most outlandish supercars turns its hand to a large five-door family car with proper ground clearance and off-road ability.

$1500 for 24 hours
$900 for  8 hours
$600 for 4 hours

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